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Choosing From Different Types Of Entry Doors

Category: Doors

Entry Doors in Morris CountyAn entry door at the front of your house should attract attention. The front door sets the style of the house and draws visitors in. Yet, doors do much more than just sit there and look pretty.

Entry doors help to make the home safe. They add security to what could otherwise be an easy entry for criminals. They also help to insulate the home and serve as a strong barrier to the elements of nature.

When choosing a new entry door to replace an old one, there are some differences to consider. Each type of door, whether fiberglass, wood, or steel, will have strengths and weaknesses.

You’ll need entry doors that work right for you. If you need help choosing, call our Morris County remodeling experts at DeLaurentis Construction Co.

Fiberglass Doors

Any door that separates the outdoors from the indoors needs to be strong. The fiberglass doors are a practical choice that resists wear and tear better than others. Plus, they can be stained or painted in any color.

Fiberglass doors can crack during severed impacts. But, unless a tornado throws a tree branch at your house, you can count on them to be strong.

Wood Doors

There’s nothing like the natural beauty of a wooden door although many other materials try to mimic it. Heavy wood front entry doors will resist wear and tear really well. They are also the easiest to repair if the scratch or get gouged by impacts.

Wood doors do require more maintenance. They need to be regularly painted or varnished to protect the wood from moisture. And, they take a little more care in cleaning. Wood doors tend to be on the expensive side as to compared to other options.

Steel Doors

About half of the door purchases involve steel doors. They offer good security for the home. They aren’t hard to maintain or keep clean either. Damage is harder to fix and scratches often rust, so they need to be painted regularly.

Entry Door Glass – Go With Energy Efficiency

When choosing entry doors for your home, remember that standard glass is not energy efficient. Choose doors with energy-efficient glass and components to decrease energy wastage. You can find entry doors with glass that do a much better job yet still look really beautiful.

If you have questions or you need help with Entry Doors in Morris County, please call DeLaurentis Construction Co. at 973-452-4555 or complete our online request form.